Quantum Radiationproof Mobile Phone Sticker


Quantum Compression Mask

Quantum compression mask


  1. Improve microcirculation of the face
  2. Slowly discharges the toxins deposited on the face
  3. Prevents traditional cotton crumbs
  4. Prevents skin wound  infection
  5. Has a good  effect on the hydration of cells
  6. Has a good  effect on the nutrient absorption of cells

Mobile Phone Smart Massager

Quantum mobile phone charging meridian massager

Quantum Ring

Quantum Ring


When you wear quantum rings for a long time, quantum bracelets have the effects of improving microcirculation:

  1. Prevent static electricity and reduce radiation.
  2. Long-term wear  can  effectively prevent and regulate tenosynovitis, chronic arthritis, mouse hand  and other syndromes.
  3. Improves skin quality, increase skin elasticity, eliminate age  spots.
  4. Can help children, disabled and the elderly to enhance balance, avoid falling, reduce injuries and improve flexibility.
  5. Wearing  a few weeks can  soothe and improve the cold body, caused by hand  cold, cramps and hand  numbness, the effieciency is 80%.

Quantum Fuel Saver Card

Quantum fuel saver card


  1. Reduces gasoline waste
  2. Increases efficiency and power  factor
  3. Increases production efficiency.
  4. Extends the life of automotive machinery and equipment
  5. Reduces exhaust emissions.
  6. Creates a low-carbon environmental friendly living environment.
  7. Extend the life of equipment such as electrical appliances and automobile engines

The energy saving rate reaches 10% – 30%

Quantum Massager Sticker

Foot massage sticker


  1. Improves blood  circulation
  2. Relieves pain of the feet
  3. Stimulates the muscles

Quantum Eye Glasses

Quantum energy glasses

Quantum Beauty Sprayer

Quantum Beauty Spray


  1. Spraying mouth after meals, can inhibit bad breath.
  2. Spraying the skin can moisturize the skin, eliminate fine wrinkles, protect the skin, prevent from cracking.
  3. Spraying Eyes can improve blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue,  and improve dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  4. Spraying in shoes, can reduce odor and reduce foot odor.
  5. Spraying hair can make hair bright and smooth, eliminate  static electricity.
  6. Spraying food on surface can inhibit the growth of bacteria and degrade food additives, so that food can be turned into energy food beneficial  to human  body.
  7. Massage acupoints  with bottle – dredge channels  and collaterals,  activate glands and improve  the generation  of beneficial  enzymes.