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SAIRUI is a recent Online Shopping Mall which features a New Model Called New Retail plus the Traditional E-Commerce like Jumia, Alibaba, etc. But, this multi-billion dollar company is, in actual fact, giving 80% profit to partners via the same New Retail model which is never present and has never been seen in the rest of the online shopping malls in the world.

Sairui Mall is an international shopping just like eBay, Alibaba, Jumia, Konga, JijiSairui Logo, Amazon, Kikou and many more. However, unlike the other traditional ecommerce platforms, Sairui Mall gives 80% of its profits to its members. This the company does by using the new E-Commerce system called the ‘New Retail’ System where members can buy and sell its products online and make profit from the sales.

How Trading on Sairui Mall Works

The new retail or e-commerce platform; you trade any item on the platform (that’s buying and selling), where the company gives you a 60% discount to purchase any product. You can buy the same product at the wholesale store with a price lesser than the new retail shop.

After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you or ship to you in your country or wherever you are.


Mr. Fred wants to buy a quantum eye glasses from Sairui mall, which will cost him $100 at the retail shop. The company then gives him a 60% discount plus two quotas or two cards to buy two of the quantum eye glasses at the wholesale shop, which will now cost him $40 each instead of $100 each.

Mr. Fred then places these two quantum eye glasses for sale in the new retail shop for $100 each. The phones are then sold by the company for Mr. Fred within ten days and the full amount deposited into his account at the back office for further trading or withdrawal.  It is as simple as a, b, c.

sairui mall businessLet’s talk about the business structure of Sairui mall. What is in it for you? For you to make money in Sairui mall is our concern for this post.

Before we go in-depth, understand that Sairui mall is all about making money and becoming financially free. And this will involve spending money to invest and make money in return as income.

Sairui Mall Business Packages:

There are, at present, five good business activation packages in Sairui Mall known as VIPs. That is to say that everyone doing business with them is called a VIP. Each VIP comes with price according to their levels of registration and activation. Also, with products, Thus;

VIP1=$25 (Anti-radiation phone sticker)

VIP2=$50 (Quantum beauty spray)

VIP3=$100 (Receive quantum energy eyeglasses)

VIP4=$300 (Receive quantum energy pendant)

VIP5=$600 (Receive quantum energy Foot Massager)

In this new retail company, the above-mentioned prices are just for registration and business activation of any package you choose. This is more like renting a store in a real-life scenario to sell goods. Now, when you pay money for shop renting when you are about starting a business, you will need capital to stock your shop with goods to begin a trade. That is how it’s done in the Sairui Mall. So, for you to begin trading with Sairui, you need to fund your back office with a certain amount of money per the VIP level you choose. The amount you are expected to fund per VIP is as follows:

VIP1 = No longer trading

VIP2 = $90

VIP3 = $180

VIP4 = $540

VIP5 = $1080

Note: You will be given products worth the amount you fund for any of the VIPs!

In a nutshell, you will have;

VIP1 = (activation amount) $25 + (no longer trading)

VIP2 = (activation amount) $50 + (trading capital) $90 Total= $140

VIP3 = (activation amount) $100 + (trading capital) $180 Total= $280

VIP4 = (activation amount) $300 + (trading capital) $540 Total= $840

VIP5 = (activation amount) $600 + (trading capital) $1080 Total= $1680

Please, in order for you to get the exact figure of how much you will need to invest in total, calculate the dollar value in your own local currency to avoid confusion. Also, know that this is a onetime payment to make re-occurring profits till infinity.

Note: Registration money is non-refundable, but trading money is refundable, you can withdraw it at anytime you want.

Disclaimer: Please note that Sairui Mall is not a network marketing company, neither is it a Scam or Ponzi scheme. It’s neither a get-rich-quick-scheme or a business where you are given products to hawk around the street for little money. NO!

*Any VIP package you activate in Sairui Mall gives you unlimited access to starting a lifetime business with Sairui eCommerce!

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